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Do You Know How Much Cash You Have? 

There is no shame in asking for help, just a shame when you leave it too late so go ahead and pick up the phone or wing that email over and explain which part of your business you need help with and I will give you a FREE 45 minute session to determine how best me and my colleagues may help you.

Challenge me on any part of your business that keeps you awake at night and remember

"Ideas always start with a thought, but results only come through action"

A major issue with sort-ips and even established businesses is the lack of visibility reading cashflow. You therefore risk being totally oblivious to the fact that that you are running out of money.

​By using our simple cashflow model we can assess exactly what is coming in and, more importantly, what you are spending you hard earned cash on.

If that sounds a good idea then get in touch for a chat.

​​On the Exhibition Trail

Another hectic year at various events in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands

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